Add More Fun to Your Campground with Trampolines

CampgroundSwimmingPool-300x196If you want to bring more people to your campground, you should probably give people more to do while they are there. A lot of campgrounds have swimming pools or tennis courts for guests to play at while they are visiting it. Anything you can add is a great way to keep kids and families from growing bored on their vacation at your park. One thing that most campgrounds do not have available for their guests is a trampoline. If you consider adding one of them to your park, you will make your park better than others who may be nearby, because who doesn’t enjoy jumping??

Why A Trampoline?

All kids love trampolines. They enjoy doing trick jumps and trying to see who can get the most air from their bounces in a competition of sorts. Adults also use them to get their exercise and to play with their children, especially if they have small children along on the trip. Most campgrounds do not consider the possibilities behind a trampoline. They stick only with the most popular. By adding one to your park, you will be separating yourself from other campgrounds. You could even go one step further and invest in a trampoline tent. A trampoline tent is a fitting addition to any campground and is something that most people haven’t seen yet. These are a relatively new innovation that allows for a tent to be placed on top of round trampolines.

What about Liability?

Liability is a concern for campgrounds. However, with a trampoline you can protect yourself from these concerns. Post a sign that talks about safe jumping, limiting jumpers, and encourage people to not do tricks. State clearly that jumpers are doing it at their own risk. From there, you should include accessories that will enable jumpers to be protected from possible injuries. These accessories may include a ladder to help them get onto it safely as well as a net enclosure to help them stay on the mat.

However, to further trampoline safety in your campground, look around and read reviews instead of simply going out and buying the first ladder or net that you find. There are different types and different features for various trampolines. You’ll want to make note that rectangle trampolines provide more of a jumping surface, thus encouraging more jumpers, which could ultimately lead to injuries. Read whether homeowners with kids are happy with the investment. It will point you in the right direction if you know which type of safety equipment parents prefer on their private trampolines.


Let ‘em Bounce Their Way to Fun

By simply giving kids another option at your campground, you will be proving to the entire family that their happiness is your primary concern. You will show them that you are happy to go beyond a kiddie playground and a swimming pool. The more you give, the happier everyone will be, and the more likely they will be to return on their next vacation.

It is a game plan that ensures everyone comes out a winner. Kids will win because they have something new and exciting to do. Parents will win because their kids will be out playing rather than telling them how bored they are. You will win because happy kids and happy parents make for returning visitors who may choose to stay even longer in your campground at a later time. Can you think of any reason why you should not do all that you can to bring visitors back?