Cost of attending a NASCAR race

Attending one of motor sport’s biggest crowd pullers in the United States can be a costly outing. Seeing the cars race around the track is an adrenalin rush not only for the drivers but for the crowds as well. The stars have a tremendous crowd appeal and it has been one of America’s favourite sporting events for many years.

Attending the event is more than just the entrance fee. The race takes a lot of time and this means that spectators will require food and drink throughout the day.

NascarWe will investigate the cost factor involved to attend these events. It starts with the entrance fee. Depending on where the event is hosted, entrance can vary between $88 for the average event. The more popular and best venues such as Daytona can charge as much as $600just to enter the arena.

Many spectators bring their own cooler boxes and food with to consume during the day and to save money as well as waiting in long lines, missing something spectacular happening on the track. Things happen rather fast as the cars travel at tremendous speeds. Missing the action while waiting to get something to eat can therefore ruin a good day at the races. Many events are restricting the use of alcohol but fans have found ways around this rule. Being at the track for the weekend can therefore add a hefty bill for food and drinks.

This brings us to the other big expense, accommodation. Depending on the specific venue the spectators may experience a shortage of hotel accommodation as these are normally sold out well in advance. Hotel rates are a source of concern as it has happened that they increase their rates over race week-ends. Some hotels are working with racing officials to offer guests a package that is reasonable and could also include entrance to the track. Spectators come from all over the country and hotel rooms may not always be available within easy reach of the track.

tentThe alternative, camping on the grounds has become a big enjoyable and cheap option. The atmosphere in the camping area is fantastic and people make new friends and rediscover some old friends among the crowds. Some tracks offer reserved spots which is without saying the prime places to make camp. The non-reserved camping sites are normally available on a first come first taken basis. People have found that if they arrive on the Friday they are getting the worst sites on the grounds. This means arriving days before the race is the best option to have a view site for the race. There are a few sites with well stocked stores to top up the groceries or other items.

The final cost implication of visiting the race is the gas used to travel from home to the event. If not staying close by this could become a very expensive factor.

So going to a NASCAR event involve much more than the price paid for entrance. The good news is that prices are at the best levels of affordability in many years.

See you at NASCAR.