Suggestions For Improving The Appearance of Your House

There are a number of things that really bring down the whole look and appeal of your house. They are simple things that homeowners tend to not keep up with and they don’t realize that just a little time and maintenance could do wonders for their humble abode. If you are looking at your house thinking “this needs some work” then take a look at the following recommendations and ask yourself if they are bringing down your home. Don’t let your home’s appearance go and be that neighbor that is stinking up the neighborhood. You should take pride in your house. It is where you will create memories with your family for years to come. So don’t wait until you decide to sell the house to clean it up. Do it now so that you can enjoy your home and not be embarrassed inviting friends over.

Yard work: this is one of those things that people hate to do, but with just a little effort it really does make a huge difference on the appearance of your house. Mow the yard, trim back those hedges, pull the weeds, rake the leaves and maybe even add some mulch around your flower beds and you will be amazed at how much better your home will look.


Pool maintenance: A sparkling blue pool can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis, but a cloudy, green pool can quickly deter any house guests. If you have green growing along the pool walls and floor, its time to tackle that problem and remove the algae from your pool. If you are experiencing cloudiness in the pool, you can clear a cloudy pool with just a little bit of effort.

Clean the windows: you’d be surprised at the difference clean windows can make. Especially those facing the front of your house and welcoming your guests. This is one chore that so many people never ever do, but give it a try and just see the transformation. Distilled vinegar is said to be the best solution for cleaning windows, and many also recommend using old newspaper rather than rags or paper towels. Then proceed to dry the windows with a microfiber clothe so that streaking does not occur.


Update your front door: the front door is usually the first place most people’s eyes will go to when looking at a house. If your front door needs a little updating, try painting a fresh coat or even a new color of paint to make it pop. Consider a new door knob if it needs it, or try hanging a wreath on the door or something welcoming.

Pressure wash: Take a pressure washer to your house and you won’t believe the amount of dirt that will come off. You might even find a new shade of paint under all of that mess, especially if your house is a lighter color. You can rent a pressure washer or borrow one from a friend if you don’t have one. Don’t forget the drive way and any sidewalks you might have. Clean them up and let them shine.

Clear the rubbish: Some people tend to let the junk in their yard getting a little out of hand. If its not a tire swing, then get rid of it. Having a bunch of junk laying around the yard is a simple way to bring the entire look of your house down. Don’t be one of those people that throws their trash in the yard to let Mother Nature handle. Do something about it. Pick it up and store it in a shed or garage so that it is not visible to neighbors or house guests.

If you follow even just a few of these recommendations, you will see how fast you can turn the appearance of your home around. It will probably even motivate you to keep going. Like we said before, its important that you do these things now so that you can really enjoy your house to the fullest. So many people wait until its time to sell their house before they clean it up. It seems crazy to me. Enjoy it while you can. Be proud of it. Don’t let a few hours of maintenance keep you from improving your home environment.